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See you again in the article about bitcoin prediction or the news of bitcoin news in Indonesia, especially for our friends in the telegram group @trader_ITC, Today we will discuss bitcoin trends and technical bitcoin price predictions. Oh yes now we accept your writing, Create an article that you want to post on this blog, of course, discuss about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, you can also send articles such as Airdrop etc., and sent to our telegram Indonesian Traders

Bitcoin Predictions Today

Bitcoin Today Prediction calculates the UTC zone, because we usually use the UTC time zone to predict the Bitcoin Price.
Here is a technical analysis of our bitcoink predictions for today, please see the picture and prepare offerings to accompany our chat 😀, for those of you who don't agree and or want to consult, ask please in the comments column.

We use chart 1h and have a vulnerable time of 1 day to survive, sometimes it can also be used to predict 1 week's bitcoin Trend, Don't misunderstand about Trend and Price.

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